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Brain Training

Why Brain Training?

Advances in neuroscience and technology have allowed us to see how the brain functions in real time and how to directly influence it. Training with Neurofeedback can help modify brain patterns to optimize cognitive and emotional functioning, and reduce the symptoms from a variety of brain influenced disorders.

A Non-Medication Approach

Neurofeedback modifies brainwave patterns to produce lasting gains, often without or with less medication, and without their significant side effects.

Emotional Regulation

Training your brain patterns can result in a brain that is better able to not respond impulsively, and a mind that is less anxious and which manages mood better.

Focus & Executive Functioning

Neurofeedback is like exercise for the brain, and has been proven to increase focus & energy and decrease distractibility. A well-regulated brain enables you to be better organized, more cognitively efficient, and learn faster & easier. 

Mind & Spirit

Brain enhancement approaches enable individuals to more easily access deeper levels of information/consciousness, which has the potential to increase creativity and spirituality.

With 40 years' experience doing psychotherapy & 20 years doing neurofeedback, Dr. Weiner is one of the most experienced neurotherapists in the mid-Atlantic.

He has trained and mentored clinicians nationally and has published on the integration of neurofeedback and psychotherapy. Of most importance, he is a caring therapist who works hard to solve patients' problems and reduce suffering.

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Patients and parents are welcome to set up an initial consultation with me by calling my office (804) 794-4482. This appointment is typically covered by most insurance carriers.  It is considered an Initial Evaluation (CPT code 90801) under your mental health benefits for psychotherapy. Your insurance carrier may require preauthorization for this and there is typically a co-pay.


I am happy to answer any questions that you may have by email or phone.

Dr. Glenn Weiner

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