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Mind& SPIRit

Our brain is the most complex structure in the galaxy, except for perhaps our mind and spirit. We may be more than our physical bodies and have influence beyond what was thought possible.  The skill of tapping into deeper levels of consciousness has tremendous potential for individual growth and problem solving.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Woo Woo

Most people know that meditation is good for our brain, mind and spirit. We also know how challenging it is to maintain a meditation practice. Brain training tools make it much easier to get the benefits of meditation with much less struggle.  Some tools are like training wheels, giving you feedback and guiding you into the relaxed, aware, heart coherent state of meditation. Other tools can more passively stimulate/entrain you into that state. Lighter meditative states are useful for relaxation, insight and recovery. Deeper meditative states may increase awareness of information that is less available in ordinary states of consciousness. This has the potential to enhance insight, creative problem solving and facilitate spiritual development.

Spiritual emergence/emergency is a concept that comes out of the entheogenic literature. This refers to people who have had an experience that has significantly altered their consciousness/world view. Sometimes this is a result of exploring psychedelics, a near death experience, a trauma, or even spontaneously. I am interested in supporting people who are going through this process.


The more personal story

I have been interested in the mind and spirit for quite a while now. I grew up in a row house in Philadelphia and attended a conservative synagogue. My undergraduate education took place during the early 70s, an era when there was a lot of interest in consciousness exploration and expanded states. In 1975 I learned Transcendental Meditation and have been exploring a number of different ways of meditating over the years.

My Doctoral program was a relatively conservative scientist-practitioner model. In essence, let the science guide as much as it can. As I have aged, I have increasingly been interested in Spirituality and the science and mystery of consciousness. When I turned 65 years old I made my first of several trips to the Monroe Institute, one of the top centers for the study of consciousness. There I have studied the development of intuition and energetic healing. I became a Reiki Master under Brian Dailey, M.D. and have been exploring ways to increase my understanding as to how energetic healing can be utilized. Hopefully, I will be in the student role often, and throughout my life. There is much to learn about helping people heal as easily and quickly as possible. There is also much to learn about being the best human being I can be.

At the 2020 Dead of Winter Neurofeedback Conference in Asheville, N.C., I was asked to talk about what I am most interested in right now. I spoke about my evolving model of consciousness; the quantitative EEGs (brainmaps) of three psychics; how biophoton imagery may be helping to explain energetic healing and how clinicians may utilize Deep States neuromodulation training for healing and growth. 

Going forward, I want to continue to treat complex patients who are suffering. I also want to spend some time training professionals to support them in providing the highest level of integrated neuropsychotherapeutic care. 

​I am continually trying to help people utilize inexpensive technologies at home and develop and support optimal home practices. Finally, I want to support people in their explorations.  I want to support others in expanding their awareness and enhance their relationship with God, their higher power or the Field.
My favorite thing to do is playing with my granddaughters, particularly when we are camping at a music festival.

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